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A Typical Day of Wing Shooting

Africa Expectation offers a large number of species for the avid shotgun shooter.  Game bird shooting can make for a unique combination when added to either plains game or a dangerous game hunt.  There is a healthy variety of natural occurring game bird species available and it is important to take note of the fact that no pen reared or artificially raised birds are offered. Bird shooting, covering most of the species, can only be done during May, June and July - the open seasons for most of the birds in South Africa.  There is however exceptions and these are determined by sound conservation principles

All Wildfowl hunters enjoy good old fashion bird hunting.  Your challenge will never be disappointing in areas where solid conservation is practiced.  Just like our peers, across the oceans, we allowed a competitive spirit to creep into the noble sport.

.The hunting areas stretch from the semi-arid plains in the West over the mountain peaks, down to the plains, rivers and dams of the Highveld and from there to the Transvaal savanna and bushveld.  The Every hunt is planned around the personality of the client.  On booking a safari the client is expected to complete a client profile.  We can make a careful study of the client's hobbies, physical condition and eating habits.  We plan a tailor-made tour to ensure that a safari with us is an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Upland birds - guinea fowl and francolin are flushed out of long grass by walking up to them with trained dogs or flushed out of the corn fields or a driven hunt here by beaters driving the guinea fowl towards the shooters.

Waterfowl - we will put you directly under the flight path in a hide or in natural cover, or we can also put you in a put blind in the cornfields were they feed. We also use decoys put strategically in the grain fields.

We offer wing shooting all across South Africa from the sprawling plains of the Northern Cape to the bushed of Limpopo province.

May, June and July is the best months for the plainsgame / bird shoot combinations. Accommodations would be luxury with private rooms and en-suite bathrooms.

A TYPICAL DAY - On a typical hunting day, there will be a morning an a afternoon shoot.

After enjoying a light breakfast the days wing shooting commences in all earnest after traveling a short distance to the designated area. Here you and your professional hunter are met by the bird hunting team consisting of a dog handler and a couple of assistants. The morning up until eleven is dedicated to field sport after which a brunch is enjoyed in the field. After some time relaxing wing shooting is resumed till the late afternoon after which the party returns to camp.

Morning Shoot:

Normal wake up for a mixed day is 6:00 with a light breakfast at 6:30 to depart at 7:00. Guineafowl and francolin are driven over the guns by singing and chanting African beaters. The guns stand at numbered pegs. About four formal drives are done in the morning session.

Afternoon Shoot:

At 12:00 we enter the dove and pigeon blinds. These birds feed on harvested grain fields, and the butts are built on the flight lines. We also decoy them in, and they offer very challenging high volume shooting. At 16:00 we move to the duck and goose blinds, built from natural vegetation or dug into the ground.  The duck and geese also come into harvested fields, and are decoyed in. The shoot lasts until it is too dark to see, and about 125 shots per gun seem to be the norm.