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Sharpe's Grysbok

Sharp's grysbok (Raphicerus sharpei) are a secretive little animal, which is slightly smaller than the Cape Grysbok, living solitary or in mother and offspring combinations. This makes them very difficult to observe and together with its colouration, they can easily be lost in a sea of bushes and amongst boulders. Scent glands are on both hind and forefeet; a feature used for communication. Old aardvark holes have been used as places of refuge in times of danger.

COLOUR: A rich reddish-brown, speckled with white hairs. Underparts are lighter and there are whitish rings around the eyes.

MOST LIKE: The Cape Grysbok, but smaller and with shorter horns, also no 'false hooves' above fetlock.

Cape Grysbok: Lower Risk, conservation dependent (LR/cd). This is a shy, solitary, nocturnal animal that is rarely seen. It is regarded as a problem animal in the Western Cape where they cause extensive damage to grape vines.