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Hunters with Disabilities


Africa Expectation Safari’s offers hunting safaris in South Africa that cater specifically to sportsmen with disabilities

If you are a hunter with a disability, we can offer you an exciting hunting safari in South Africa, while ensuring that your special needs are met in the camps utilized.

Two of the camps that we utilize are wheelchair-friendly and have the appropriate bathroom facilities. Both the camps are set in the Bushveld about four hours north of Johannesburg. In these two areas, ninety five percent of the trophies listed on our price list can be hunted. 

In addition to the standard hunting equipment we utilize, we also have specially designed chairs that swivel in every direction. These chairs have the advantage of increasing mobility and thus increasing success rates. Rifle hunters can bring their own rifles or make use of one of the rifles of their professional hunter. Bow hunting options are second to none.

It is important to book well in advance, since we are only able to conduct hunting safaris for individuals with a disability from two of our hunting camps. It is recommended that you book at least eight months in advance to ensure availability.