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Cape Town Fishing

Africa Expectation Fishing Safaris purpose is to offer the very best fishing experience, coupled with spectacular spots & marine life, exceptional service and excellent bang for your buck.

The Cape of Good Hope, where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet, has earned a reputation for being a hotspot in the world for the excellent year round Game and Deep Sea Fishing and scenic viewing by Commercial and Sports fishermen, Photographers and bird watchers.

Several of the finest game angling locations in Africa is discovered across the Cape Peninsula. Around the False Bay side of Cape Point boasts the Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna, while Rooikrans, on the Cape of Good Hope portion of the Table Mountain National Park, which has been ranked as among the best fishing areas on earth. Bordjiesrif and Buffels Bay are likewise renowned fishing locations within the sportfishing fraternity. These two places also provide tidal swimming pools, picnic spots, barbeque facilities and exquisite nature paths and treks. White colour Steenbras, Stumpnose as well as Galjoen are found in the rocks at Kommetjie and even more across the coast.

In the course of the winter season, the Cape Snoek run and Kommetjie Bay finds a seagoing craft assembling to have short work of the abundant fish. For fishers who like to battle fish, an adventure to sea around 30 nautical miles off Kommetjie brings you into the deep-sea fishing grounds which you can find Albacore, Tuna, Black Marlin as well as the fighting Mako Shark.

When you feel the attraction of the deep ocean and big game fish is enticing, then Africa Expectation Fishing Charters is simply best for you. This charter firm specializes in finding and catching Tuna fish, huge Yellowfin, Big-eye or Longfin, as well as other varieties of game fish. Additionally, it is the home of the Yellowtail, Snoek, Geelbek, Kabeljou as well as reef fish.

The waters which Africa Expectation Fishing Safaris are operating in, have gained a popularity for deep-sea and huge game fishing. On the way to deeper waters, you might even see a lot of varieties of Albatross, Killer Whales as well as Dusky Dolphins. The fishing day normally consists of a few Crayfishing for West Coast lobster to get a self-indulgent Crayfish lunch aboard.

Numerous fishing choices are offered, such as inshore and fly-fishing tours, extraordinary fly-fishing and offshore tours. Full-day trips leave around 7:00 AM and go back to around 4:00 PM. Rates include things like all tackle, bait, lunch meal (on full-day trips) as well as drinks.

For any freshwater lover, there are many dams near to and farther from Cape Town, in which bass, salmon, as well as carp, will get your attraction.


Our mooring in Simons Town is easily accessible from Cape Point on a short scenic drive. It is well situated to set off on a Deep sea, Inshore, Reef fishing charter or viewing adventure. These waters provide prolific catches of Yellow fin Tuna and Longfin Tuna as well as Yellowtail, Dorado and Atlantic Big Eye Tuna. Our waters are also blessed with an abundance of Broadbill Swordfish, "the gladiator of the deep".  

Although the Cape of Good Hope is not known for Marlin, some numbers have been caught. They are occasionally sighted and lucky is the angler who may have the good fortune to hook one of these exotic tropical billfish.

The reefs of Rocky Bank, some six miles south of Cape Point, as well as Whittle Rock situated almost in the centre of False Bay, together with the shoreline off Strandfontein, offer good catches of Cape Salmon, Yellowtail, Elf (Shad / Bluefish), Snapper, White and Red Stump nose as well as Red Roman and Snoek, which in appearance is very similar to the Barracuda.  Also in abundance, are Squid.   Kob, Yellowtail and Cape Salmon are generally in the 5 to 16kg class, while Cape Snoek can reach up to 8kgs and provide excellent sport on light tackle

Most times, when our charter boat is operating out of Simon’s Town, we catch Crayfish en route, offering the anglers, in season, a complimentary scrumptious crayfish meal in the deep!

The season of the year determines the species fished for or type of viewing trip:   

  • Yellow, Blue and Long fin Tuna     -           All year round
  • Yellowtail                                       -           All year round
  • Cape Salmon                                 -           All year round
  • Kob; Cape Snoek and Dorado        -           Seasonal

Viewing of Dolphin, White Shark, Seals and Penguin is available all year around. Some three miles off Strandfontein, lays Seal Island, which has the largest concentration of Cape Fur Seals south of Namibia. Great White Shark is often sighted but can be a nuisance by snatching the fish hooked by anglers operating in that area.

During the months of September to November, Southern Right Whales are ever present in False Bay, when they arrive in the bay to calve.

There is a large variety of birdlife including Sea birds such as Albatross, Cormorants, Gannets, Petrels, Terns and Gulls

Daily Rates:

OFFSHORE (Simonstown – Cape Point) - Game fishing ranges from 15 to 40 nautical miles with game fish such as YELLOWFIN TUNA, LONG FIN TUNA, DORADO & SHARKS being caught. $1900 – 6 people, per day.

IN-SHORE (from Cape Point) - Game fishing ranges from 1 to 15 nautical miles depending on where the fish are feeding with game fish such as YELLOWTAIL, SNOOK & BONITA being caught. $1800 – 6 people, per day    

Rates Include:

  • Skipper
  • Equipment
  • Snacks
  • Soft Drinks
  • Boat

Please keep in mind that fishing is weather permitting.  Make sure to add a couple of additional days.

Last year Tuna season lasted to July.  Though it is the best time to fish for Tuna from September to June, I’ll suggest booking the fishing trip in advance!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the fishing trip.