A little known fact is that the Rhebuck is the origin of the Reebok brand of sports show.  The name was chosen for the animal’s ability in mountainous terrain and today is one of the top brands in the world.

The grey rhebok is a medium-sized antelope weighing 19–30 kg (42–66 lb). This is a slender, long necked, medium sized antelope.  It has long narrow ears with a bulbous nose, and a woolly coat with white underparts.  Only rams have upright, straight, spike-like horns, ringed at the bases.

Distribution and habitat: Confined to the higher areas of Southern Africa, they typically inhabit grassy, montane habitats – for example, sourveld – usually 1000 m above sea level, and carry a woolly grey coat to insulate them from the cold. However, they are not strictly limited to this habitat as they can be found in the coastal belt of the Cape, almost at sea level.

The grey rhebok is territorial and maintains its territory by urinating and defecating, standing or walking in an upright posture, and patrolling. Males become extremely aggressive during the breeding season. They make snorting, groaning and hissing sounds. The grey rhebok usually aggregates in herds of one to 15 females and young and one mature male. This species is therefore polygynous. Rams may become solitary.  They are active for most of the day but rest when it becomes hot.  They are good jumpers and run with a distinct rocking horse gait, with the fore and hind legs kicked out stiffly with each leap.