The Tiny Ten Antelopes of Southern Africa

“Unlocking the Challenge: The Tiny 10 Pygmy Antelopes of Africa”

While the Big 5 often steal the limelight, there exists a world of exceptional challenge and fulfillment in the pursuit of the Tiny 10—a group of pygmy antelope species found in Southern Africa. Comprising 10 distinct species, these elusive creatures may be small in size, but their hunting experience is anything but diminutive.

The “Inner Circle” of Small African Antelope

The Safari Club International (SCI) Trophy Records recognizes four categories of small African antelope, which include Pygmy Antelope, Dik-Diks, Bush Duikers, and Forest Duikers. This “Inner Circle of African Animals” encapsulates a remarkable total of 35 species across these groups. The Forest Duikers lead with 15 species, followed by the Pygmy Antelope with 10, Dik-Diks boasting 6, and Bush Duikers featuring 4. Additionally, SCI acknowledges an “Inner Circle of Pygmy Antelopes of Africa,” which weaves together these four groups into a harmonious tapestry.

The Allure of the Tiny 10

The Tiny 10 are a group of pygmy antelope inhabiting Southern Africa across at least three countries. Each of these antelope stands as a testament to nature’s artistry, with the largest individuals weighing in at less than 50 pounds. As a result, they present a challenging target for hunters. The fragility of these animals necessitates the utmost care in selecting the right ammunition for the hunt. While larger African species like kudu and buffalo garner significant attention, the Tiny 10 are often overlooked. Yet, embarking on a Tiny 10 hunt is a thrilling, demanding, and incredibly rewarding experience for the dedicated hunter, making it a true endeavor for the connoisseur of Africa’s pygmy antelopes.

Choice of Cartridges

The pursuit of the Tiny 10 requires a thoughtful approach to ammunition. Given their diminutive size and delicate nature, a high-velocity expanding bullet can inflict excessive damage to the antelope’s hide. Many hunters prefer to employ non-expanding solids, small caliber rimfire cartridges (where legally permitted), or even a shotgun, which provides versatility and minimizes damage. Furthermore, the Tiny 10 members are known for their shyness and skittish behavior. The act of merely spotting them during a hunt can pose a significant challenge, with securing a successful shot representing an even greater feat.

The Ultimate Collector’s Quest

A unique aspect of the Tiny 10 is that no single country is home to all 10 species. Successfully hunting the complete Tiny 10 requires traversing through multiple countries—a particularly formidable endeavor.

Tiny Ten Species

1. Damara Dik-Dik
2. Blue Duiker
3. Common Duiker (also known as Grey Duiker or Bush Duiker)
4. Red Forest Duiker (also known as Red Duiker, Natal Duiker, or Natal Red Duiker)
5. Cape Grysbok (also known as Southern Grysbok)
6. Sharp’s Grysbok (also known as Northern Grysbok)
7. Klipspringer
8. Oribi
9. Steenbok (also known as Steinbuck or Steinbok)
10. Suni

The world of the Tiny 10 beckons—the ultimate collector’s quest, where rarity meets the thrill of the chase in the realm of Africa’s pygmy antelopes.