Kobus, genus of antelopes, family Bovidae (order Artiodactyla), containing about six species—the Puku and Waterbucks, Lechwes and the Kob.

Puku are easily overlooked as they can be confused with Lechwe or Impala. They are slightly smaller in size and stouter in general appearance than the Impala, smaller and slightly shaggier than Lechwe, and the males have smaller, stouter, lyre-shaped horns when compared with the Impala and Lechwe. Puku are nearly uniformly red and lack the Impala’s black ankle and facial markings and the pale underbelly, black leg markings and high rear-quarters of the Lechwe.

Puku are found all over East and central Africa, and are one of the most common antelopes in Zambia. Typically they inhabit open areas near rivers and marshes, though in Zambia are found in a wide variety of habitats. In Botswana their distribution is restricted to the floodplain areas of the Chobe riverfront, and often virtually the only place that you’ll see them is the aptly named Puku Flats.