Unveiling Africa’s Hidden Treasures: Sought-After Species

With over 24 years of unrivaled hunting expertise, Africa Expectation Safaris stands as a premier specialist in the pursuit of rare and sought-after animal species. Catering to novice, collector hunters, and avid fishermen, we delve deep into the world of Africa’s hidden treasures.

Exploring the Enigmatic Small Cats and Specialty Animals

While the majesty of big cats like Leopard and Lion reigns supreme across the plains, there exists a realm of nocturnal wanderers—a collector’s dream waiting to be discovered by the discerning few.

Tailored Safaris for Your Desires

At Africa Expectation Safaris, we place your desires at the forefront. Our safaris are meticulously tailored to bring your desired species to the forefront, ensuring your quest is met with precision and passion.

Meet the Enigmatic Residents

Intriguing and elusive, these are just a few examples of the small cats and specialty animals awaiting your pursuit:

– African Civet
– Caracal
– African Wild Cat
– Lesser & Greater Genet
– Serval
– Bushpig
– Aardwolf*(Special permits required)
– Aardvark
– Black-Backed Jackal
– Honey Badger (Special permits required)
– Porcupine
– Spotted Genet
– White-Tailed Mongoose

Nocturnal Chronicles

As these creatures embrace the cover of night, your quest for them unfolds during the transition from dusk to early morning. Should you seek the Serval, Bushpig, or Caracal, daytime hunts with dogs are also available.

Unveiling the Secrets

Two distinct methods bring these nocturnal enigmas into your shooting zone, both involving the art of lamping:

– Bait and Blind: Similar to Leopard hunting, these small cats are lured by the promise of deceased prey. This technique combines the use of blinds with the subtle art of lamping.

– Spotlight Exploration: An adventure for the whole family, this method ventures into the wilds of Africa under the moonlight. As you illuminate the night, the plains game of the day assumes new roles, waiting to be discovered. But make no mistake, hunting these nocturnal wonders by spotlight is no simple task. The veil of night conceals surprises behind every bush, leading to thrilling encounters.

An Exclusive Nighttime Realm

Venture forth into the night and explore a network of low and high-fenced farms with exclusive access granted by Africa Expectation Safaris. Here, you’ll traverse the darkness in search of the elusive trophy you’ve long sought.

A Commitment to Your Adventure

With Africa Expectation Safaris, you’ll pay trophy fees only for the animals you successfully harvest, ensuring your adventure aligns with your vision.

Set forth on a captivating journey into the realm of Africa’s sought-after species—a world of enigma, precision, and exhilarating discovery.