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Nature Training

Africa Expectation’s Professional Hunting School (Limpopo Wildlife Training) is much more than just a school, it's an experience!

Africa Expectation Safari’s has been in operation for more than 23 years. We offer our clients safaris throughout Southern Africa, from the big five to plainsgame and Big Game Fishing.

Our courses will be presented in either English or our native Afrikaans, depending on the choice of the group. We offer optional courses in sectors of Lodge Mangement, Nature and Culture Guiding.  

Africa Expectation's Professional Hunter course is the only course needed to qualify as a Professional hunter and Hunting Outfitter. After you have completed the course successfully you will be qualified to guide a client on an antelope hunt. If you can provide sufficient prove of hunting experience of the dangerous six, you will qualify to guide a client of an antelope hunt as well as the dangerous six hunts. Your outfitters license will however only be issued after enough experience and certain criteria has been met, but that will be discussed with you on the professional hunting course. 

If a student happens not to pass one of the sections of the course he/she will be allowed to rewrite during any other course free of charge. We want to make sure that you are as successful as possible. According to law you must be at least 18 years old and be a permanent resident of RSA to become a Professional Hunter and/or Outfitter.

Our accommodations are of the highest standard and are included in the course price.

Training of Professional Hunter and/or Hunting Outfitter consists of the following 30 modules:

  1. History
  2. Hunting Ethics
  3. Administration
  4. Hunt Economics
  5. Marketing & Promotion
  6. Client Relations & Pre Hunt
  7. Hunting with Client
  8. Hunting Techniques
  9. Hunting Methods
  10. Spoor Identification & Interpretation
  11. Tracking Techniques
  12. Shot placement
  13. Trophy Photography
  14. Trophy skinning & Handling
  15. Trophy Estimation
  16. Roland Ward Measuring
  17. SCI Measuring
  18. Firearms & Ammunition
  19. Ballistics
  20. Setting of Rifle
  21. Rifle Handling
  22. Bird hunting & Shotgun Actions
  23. Bow Hunting
  24. Hunting Facilities
  25. Hunting Equipment
  26. First Aid Basic
  27. Nature General Knowledge
  28. Specie Identification
  29. Provincial Legislation
  30. National Legislation

Africa Expectation – Hero’s will be remembered but Legends live forever!

Training Packages available

Skinning Methods
Tracking Wild Animals
Nature Skills
Plant Identification
Bow Hunting
Bow Hunting
Trophy preparation
Interaction with Wild Animals
Nature Trails