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Nature Training

Africa Expectation’s Professional Hunting School (Limpopo Wildlife Eco College) is much more than just a school, it's an experience!

Limpopo Wildlife Eco College is a private Skills Development Provider (SDP), with more than 30 year experience in the wildlife / touring industry.

Limpopo Wildlife Eco College is of great value as further education and training institution because it aims to continually educate and train to address the needs of the Industry

Why study at Limpopo Wildlife Eco College & Africa Expectation Safaris?

  • We emphasize practical & workplace exposure over theory classes.
  • We integrate theory, practice, and workplace exposure in one program.
  • We start the training off with the Professional Hunter Skills program over a period of twelve days. On completion, we help register at Nature Conservation. The second phase of training starts then, and they work towards their Professional Hunting Certificate.
  • Skills are combined with theory and attitude to build character in the workplace.
  • As our students adhere to workplace discipline, their studies progress at a steady pace.
  • Our student groups are smaller than at other learning institutions, meaning they receive individual attention.
  • Our staff are qualified and registered at the Cathsseta as Assessors and Moderators.
  • The workplace is used as their frame of reference, as they follow the rules and methods of a real work environment. (Outfitter experience)
  • Constant interaction and dealings with real customers mean real-life, real-time exposure.
  • Our computerized system and workplace training program allow us to enrol students at any time during the year. We prefer two intakes in January and July each year, but we do cater to learners that need urgent their qualifications.
  • Our main facilitation method is a coaching process, but we do have regular formal lectures as scheduled on the program.
  • Our qualifications are recognized in South Africa.
  • Our practical approach ensures workplace readiness when our students apply for a job.


Our accommodation is of highest standard.  We offer Wi-Fi to the students, full DSTV, have a swimming pool (for those hot summer days), thatched chalets with their own bathrooms, a comfortable thatched lecture hall and all the modern conveniences. 


Course Material

Included: Learner manuals, Assessment portfolio, all required documents


Nature Training Program

African Plains PosterThe Limpopo Wildlife Eco College Training Program is a full seven month theoretical and practical training, where you can complete several separate certificate courses that covers the nature background needed to engage in the wilderness arts, including tracking, bird, trees and grass studies, survival skills, and nature mentoring.

It is the ultimate blueprint for a student's time spent in the field and in conducting nature-related research. Students become confident nature guides, melding modern field ecology with the skills of a native scout.

Limpopo Wildlife Eco College Nature Career Course is the Foundation of Learning Wilderness Skills!

  • In order to learn how to track, you need to know the mammals of your area.
  • To understand the language of the bush, you must know the birds and their calls.
  • To practice outdoor survival skills, knowing the trees is essential.
  • If you want to use the medicinal and edible plants of your area, you need to know where they grow and what they look like.
  • Do you want to increase your awareness skills?
  • Do you want to learn the hazards of your bioregion so you can move about the landscape safely and with confidence?
  • Do you want to enter the Touring and Hunting industry being fully competent and workplace ready?

For anyone wanting to engage a course of study in the wilderness arts, Limpopo Wildlife Eco College’s Nature Training Program is the answer.

After the successful completion of the course, you will be qualified as the following:

Optional Courses:

Please contact us for more information regarding our other courses:

  • First Aid – Level 2 / Level 3 (depending on what First Aid level the student has.)
  • Hospitality – Accommodation Services
  • QCTO - Eco Ranger Qualification ID: 191213 – Level 4
  • Safari Club International – Official Measurer
  • Fire Fighting and VARIOUS short courses.

Our courses will be presented in either English or our native Afrikaans, depending on the choice of the group. We offer either the seven month career course or optional courses in a variety of sectors (Lodge Mangement, Nature and Culture Guiding etc.)  

After you have completed the course successfully you will be qualified to guide a client on an antelope hunt. If you can provide sufficient prove of hunting experience of the dangerous six, you will qualify to guide a client of an antelope hunt as well as the dangerous six hunts. Your outfitters license will however only be issued after enough experience and certain criteria has been met, but that will be discussed with you on the professional hunting course. 

If a student happens not to pass one of the sections of the course he/she will be allowed to rewrite during any other course free of charge. We want to make sure that you are as successful as possible. According to law you must be at least 18 years old and be a permanent resident of RSA to become a Professional Hunter and/or Outfitter.

The 12 day training of Nature Conservation Professional Hunter course consists of the following 30 modules:

  1. History
  2. Hunting Ethics
  3. Administration
  4. Hunt Economics
  5. Marketing & Promotion
  6. Client Relations & Pre Hunt
  7. Hunting with Client
  8. Hunting Techniques
  9. Hunting Methods
  10. Spoor Identification & Interpretation
  11. Tracking Techniques
  12. Shot placement
  13. Trophy Photography
  14. Trophy skinning & Handling
  15. Trophy Estimation
  16. Roland Ward Measuring
  17. SCI Measuring
  18. Firearms & Ammunition
  19. Ballistics
  20. Setting of Rifle
  21. Rifle Handling
  22. Bird hunting & Shotgun Actions
  23. Bow Hunting
  24. Hunting Facilities
  25. Hunting Equipment
  26. First Aid Basic
  27. Nature General Knowledge
  28. Specie Identification
  29. Provincial Legislation
  30. National Legislation

Limpopo Wildlife Eco College – Hero’s will be remembered but Legends live forever!

Training Packages available

Skinning Methods
Tracking Wild Animals
Nature Skills
Plant Identification
Bow Hunting
Bow Hunting
Trophy preparation
Interaction with Wild Animals
Nature Trails