Welcome to Our Main Camp: The Heart of Your African Journey

Our cherished main camp is nestled approximately 30km to the south of Louis Trichardt in South Africa’s breathtaking Limpopo province. Here, your adventure unfurls and your comfort is paramount.

A Haven of Comfort and Modernity

Our main camp stands as an upmarket lodge boasting all the modern amenities that discerning travelers require. At its heart lies the grand, thatched roof lapa, where tantalizing meals are shared. After the day’s exhilarating pursuits, you can unwind around the bushveld campfire, basking in the golden hues of the African twilight and swapping captivating hunting stories with our friendly hosts.

Within the main lodge, you’ll find conveniences that bridge the wild and the modern world. Stay connected with our Wi-Fi, catch up on the latest happenings through satellite television, or immerse yourself in the captivating world of our small library. For those seeking a refreshing respite, a sapphire-blue swimming pool rests within the lush, bird-filled garden—your personal haven under the African sun.


Chalets of Comfort and Elegance

Our fully furnished, en-suite chalets are separate from the main lodge, providing a sense of seclusion and tranquility. Each chalet is air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable escape amidst the natural beauty of the Limpopo province.

Our Pledge: A Symphony of Comfort and Adventure

Rest assured that our dedication to client satisfaction goes beyond the hunt. Our aim is to offer you a haven that beckons you to extend your stay, immersing yourself in this vibrant realm of wildlife and wonder. We carefully curate your journey, matching exceptional hunting opportunities with a tranquil African campfire, sumptuous beds, and cuisine that tantalizes your senses. Our mission is to craft an experience that lingers in your memory, inspiring return visits and deeper connections with the African wilderness.