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To hunt in Africa is every hunter’s dream.  Africa Expectation Safaris is ready to make your dream a reality.  We have more than 26 year’s African hunting experience since we started in 1981.

A hunting safari in Africa is sure to be a thrilling experience.  Whether you are interested in the Big Five, Plains Game, Bird or Bow hunting.  We have the experience know how and infrastructure to make your African Hunting Safari one that you will cherish forever.

We offer hunting Safaris across the African continent, from South Africa to Zambia and beyond.  Please feel free to study our pricelist or alternatively you can complete our Hunting Quote Form and we will furnish you with a quotation for your dream hunting safari.

Please note that every hunter that transport firearms must complete the SAP520 Form and it must be partially completed on arrival in South Africa.


Plains Game :The Big 5 is certainly not the only animals in Africa; this beautiful continent has the widest variety of mammals on the planet.  Any other mammal that is not included in the Big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, and Buffalo) is classified as plains game, from the majestic Livingstone Eland to the minuscule Suni.

All custom hunting safaris are for both rifle and bow hunters.   This hunting safari area lends itself to some of the most diverse and wild hunting areas in all of South Africa. Spot and Stalk hunting is the preferred method for the rifle hunters, with “hides” hunting or “spot and stalk” for bow hunters as well.  Unlike most safari areas this hunt is custom done to your liking.  You decide how and where you want to hunt.

Dangerous Game : Hunting Africa’s Dangerous Game is, for some, the greatest experience on earth.  The thrill of stalking an animal that has equal or superior killing power can ignite a serious adrenaline rush. 

  • The Buffalo is a formidable adversary and very stubborn to die.  They can take a severe beating and still come after those who oppose him.  Robert Ruark said it best: “A Cape Buffalo looks at you like you owe him money”.
  •  The White Rhino is allowed to be hunted in Africa and for that reason its numbers have increased significantly in the last 25 years.  It draws a significant trophy fee that helps expand its habitat and keep it protected. In recent years “Green” hunts of the White Rhino have become quite popular.  Africa Expectation Safaris offer both conventional and green hunts for the White Rhino.
  • Lion, the largest of the world’s cats is not exempt from the phrase “9 Lives”.  They can take a lot of punishment and still have the strength to disappear into the night or turn upon his attackers.  Lions have the strength, cunning, and poise to take down Cape Buffalo, so do not underestimate him.  A thick black main lion is the ultimate trophy for the trophy hunter. 
  • Leopard Hunting is altogether different from other hunting in Africa.  Because of the animals nocturnal tendencies there are but two popular options for successful Leopard hunting.  Night hunting over bait is the most common, the other track and bay the leopard in day light with dogs.  Both techniques offer their own reward. 
  • The Hippo, though a grass eater is still a dangerous beast.  Weighing up to 3 tons and able to move at speds of 45mph on land makes for a lot of momentum to stop if headed your way. 
  • If you are into walking long hours of the day, may we suggest elephant hunting.  Contrary to popular belief there are numerous elephants in Africa.  Conservation efforts over the last 100 years have had a significant impact on the elephant’s numbers.  Elephant hunting is done on foot, in thick cover, offering hours of near boredom interrupted by brief moments of pure adrenaline rush.

Small Cats: One of Africa Expectations Safaris’ specialties is hunting the small cats of Africa.  Most people are familiar with the big cats, Leopard and Lion clearly rule the plains.  But so few people know that there are 5 smaller species of cats to hunt, plus several other nocturnal prey; Honey badger, Jackal and Porcupine, to name a few.

The African Civet, Caracal and African Wild Cat are three examples of the small cats available for hunting.  In addition there is Lesser & Greater Genet, Serval & Honey Badger available.  Since the cats are nocturnal, dusk to early morning is the best time to find them out and about.  Two simple methods are used to get the cats into shooting position.  Both utilize lamping of one type or another.  First like Leopard, the smaller cats are attracted to dead animals, their source of food, so we utilize blinds while hunting over baits.  This type of hunting tests the patience of a hunter, sitting for hours in the dark waiting for the predators to come and satisfy their hunger.

The second method can be fun for the whole family.  As we drive you around the wilds of Africa spot lighting for the cats, you get to see the plains game of the day in their night time roles.  Don’t be fooled by how easy this method sounds.  Hunting cats by spot light is no walk in the park, but behind every bush lies another surprise waiting to be discovered.