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“Meet Our Exceptional Team of Nature Guides and Professional Hunters”

Explore the heart of Africa with Africa Expectation Safari Guides and Hunters. Our team of expert nature guides and professional hunters boasts exceptional qualifications and deep connections with the African wilderness. Whether you’re pursuing Dangerous Game or Plains Game, their knowledge, enthusiasm, and engaging nature make your safari truly enjoyable. They become your personal hosts, forming a brotherhood with trackers whose expertise spans generations. Experience tradition, expertise, and an unforgettable adventure with our seasoned guides.

Africa Expectation Safaris and Hunting
Africa Expectation Safaris and Hunting

Meet the TEam

Africa Expectation Safaris and Hunting

“Zeriah Wessels: Pioneering Career Hunter, Director, and Nature Enthusiast”

“Africa Expectation Safaris and Hunting. Zeriah’s profound passion for nature has its roots in her upbringing, which was nurtured during frequent visits to her mother’s family in the picturesque Soutpansberg area of Limpopo, South Africa. From her father, a dedicated policeman, she learned the art of rifles. Her parents collectively instilled in her a deep respect for nature and an ardent love for wildlife.

Throughout the years, Zeriah has expanded her connection to the outdoors. She has guided both photographic and hunting safaris across South Africa and its neighboring countries. Her journey into international hunting safaris began in 1981, where she has since led over a thousand successful hunts. Notably, Zeriah underscores that guiding isn’t just a job; it’s a heartfelt passion. She acknowledges the long hours and uncertain earnings, but her unwavering love for nature keeps her motivated. This same passion has been passed on to her three children – Ellizy, Pieter, and Zaniah, each sharing a profound interest in Africa’s wildlife.”


Establishing Limpopo Wildlife Eco College

In January 2008, Zeriah broke ground by establishing Africa’s first professional hunting academy, the Limpopo Wildlife Eco College. She’s equally passionate about nature and culture guiding and excitedly states, ‘It has been a big struggle, especially as a woman in a ‘man’s’ world.’

Zeriah’s motivation for the Nature and Hunting academy stems from her unwavering love of nature and numerous training requests. Her aim is to offer world-class qualifications, transcending hunting skills to instill a profound passion for nature.

The school had its share of challenges, notably breaking into a male-dominated industry. Today, Zeriah is one of South Africa’s few registered female Professional Hunters. She’s certified to operate tours in all provinces and recognized in books like Fiona Capstick’s ‘The Diana Files.’ Zeriah is a life member of prestigious organizations, including SCI, Dallas Safari Club, and FNAWS.

While leading safaris, she takes immense pride in her training academy, where women, previously disadvantaged individuals, and nature lovers unite for world-class training and lasting connections.

Craig Wessels: Your Trusted Career Hunter, Tour Guide, and Wildlife Specialist

Meet Craig Wessels, a seasoned expert in the wild, specializing in tours, photography, and Dangerous Game hunting. Hailing from Limpopo, South Africa, Craig’s early life was steeped in the world of wildlife, sparking his passion for conservation and hunting from a young age. Remarkably, he secured his first trophy at just six years old.

Over the years, Craig has led safaris for Dangerous Game, Plains Game, and Photography enthusiasts worldwide, earning an exceptional reputation with international clients. His friendly nature, contagious enthusiasm for the African bush, and profound knowledge of nature have made him a sought-after guide for lodges and returning guests frequently request his services. In addition to his client-facing role, Craig possesses substantial experience in reserve management.

Africa Expectation Safaris and Hunting

As co-owner and manager of Africa Expectation Safaris, Craig plays a vital role in the day-to-day safari operations. He meticulously oversees the finer details of each trip, guaranteeing the highest service standards. When you embark on an adventure with Africa Expectation’s guides, you can expect a custom-made safari that unveils a unique facet of Africa, regardless of your chosen destination.

Why consider the services of a private guide

  • Your safety, care, and comfort are paramount with one of South Africa’s premier guides by your side.
  • A Private Guide eliminates redundancy and maintains consistent service quality throughout your safari.
  • Enjoy unparalleled flexibility, enabling spontaneous decisions not always feasible on scheduled tours.
  • Your safari is tailored to meet your specific needs with the help of your private guide.
  • We directly liaise with venues and service providers, eliminating the hassle of third-party communications.
  • In case of any issues, immediate decisions can be made to address problems or arrange alternatives.
  • Your private guide boasts an intimate knowledge of South Africa’s fauna, flora, culture, restaurants, attractions, roads, and tourism destinations.

Our packages with private guides encompass transport, accommodation, meals, refreshments, entry fees, and a “Photographic Diary DVD” loaded with images from your trip. This comprehensive approach ensures that your dream holiday unfolds without unexpected surprises, guaranteeing a smooth and memorable experience. 

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